Hello there.

Hey there. I’m Todd. So why am I starting this blog? Well, I thought I could share some insight of triathlons from the perspective of a newbie, rookie, novice, amateur or whatever you want to call somebody just getting into triathlons.

My goal is to share information that others just getting into triathlons can find useful.

So enough about why and now about me.  At 35 I was told that I had high cholesterol and was considered obese because I was 199 lbs but only 5′ 6″.   I decided to start running again, but developed an injury and quit trying.  Six months later, I decided the only way I get motivated to try again was to register for a somewhat pricey race and tell all my friends and family I was gonna do it.  I couldn’t turn back then.  So I signed up for the Walt Disney Half Marathon.

While training for the race, I saw my childhood friend’s Facebook post in which she was doing a half ironman right here in my hometown.  I thought, “man! A mortal I know is not just doing a triathlon, but a half ironman!”

Fastforward a few months of hard training and I did it! I finished the Walt Disney World Half Marathon!   And what did I do?  No, I didn’t go to Disney World.  I was already there.  I signed up for my first triathlon.  That triathlon would be 5 months later.  Another long term goal to keep me in check.

So that’s it for now.  I hope you enjoy…


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