Turn a negative into a positive

Well today was a fine example of turning negative energy into positive energy.  We went to the YMCA and I did my swim workout while I THOUGHT the kids were gonna do their swim lessons.

While I started my workout, the wife and kids waited for lessons to begin.  When it can time, my daughter went willing and the little one?  Well he decided he wanted to  nothing to do with it.

I stopped the workout and attempted to persuade him, threaten, beg him.  I didn’t pay $50 for him to sit and watch the other kids swim!   I explained to him that his cherished hockey stick, Puck, and goal would be gone if he didn’t participate.  It failed. No dice. No go. Nada.

Well, I got so ticked off, I jumped back in and burned the steam off.  I took that frustration and channeled it into positive energy.  Unfortunately my workout wasn’t long enough to release all the energy.  Fortunately, I still had a 30 min bike ride left to do!

So after a quick bite and short ride home, I changed and got the 30 min ride in just before the rain.  The energy was gone.

Oh yeah.  If you’re wondering, the precious hockey stuff disappeared and he had a total melt down. The good news is he said he’s swimming tomorrow…

Finish line: working out is a great way to release negative energy.  I find it a great tool to keep work at work and keep it away from the family.


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