Negative Energy and Cloudy Heads

Ok.  So I got some really bad news about a friend last night.  I thought I’d use the negative energy and get my long bike ride in (3:15).

I got up at 7:45.  I let the buzz about the news on Facebook get the best of me.  By the time I hopped on the bike, it was 9:47.  Yep, more than 2 hours later.

I planned poorly for my workout.  I forgot to make water bottles up and freeze them, lay clothes out, watch, etc the night before.

The result?  A horrible workout.  I managed to knock out 43 miles.  It sounds like amazing distance for being relatively new, but it was just  13.7 MPH.  I can usually average 15-16 MPH at the longer distances.

What else happened?  I missed a turn.  And I didn’t miss it by a few hundred yards.   I missed it by over 10 miles!   Instead of doing my planned modified loop I did a straight out and back.  I rode 21.7 miles straight out and then back.  It was frustrating because I had to stop and check on my phone to see where I was geographically.  Yep, way overshot the turn.

Big deal, right?  Well with all the frustration from the past 24 hours, stopping, and the heat increasing by the minute, it was so tempting to just pick up the phone, call the wife, and call it a day.  I didn’t, but the last 60 minutes of the ride was definitely “junk miles.”  I don’t have to think that.  The GPS says it all…

I did burn 2500 calories on the ride though. Which was pretty much all consumed back at a pizza buffet. :p

Finish Line: while working out is a great way to get rid of negative energy, don’t let the negative thoughts fog your thoughts and ruin your workout.


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