Ride of shame

I had to take the ride of shame 40 miles into the 56 mile bike ride today.

Let me rephrase, after thinking about it, I chose to take the rid of shame.  I started getting “foggy” and caught myself drifting into the other lane.

Looking back at it, I really think I could’ve finished.  The problem was it was 100+, 12:15, and with 16 miles to go, I would’ve been out another hour at least.  You can to ask yourself, do you finish ans risk an injury setback or do you play itself and look at the long term goal?  My answer was play it safe and live to do it again.  I’m not a PR or ER (personal record or emergency room) type of person.

Looking back, this all started yesterday. First, I had a poor breakfast to eat.  Second. I skipped lunch because the breakfast was so big.  Finally, I ruined it by drinking a big old 32 oz soda, ribeye sandwich, and fries for dinner.  I should have concentrated on eating properly for such a big day of training.  Afterall, I was going to practically do the entire half ironman.  Instead, a lost focus and blew it…

And to help you not make the same mistake I made, here’s another article on training in the heat.


Out of the way! Or at least the lane!

Today I went swimming at the Tallahassee YMCA.  It was great swimming laps outside.  Thankfully I had my mirrored goggles in my bag.

Here’s the problem I ran into: people with no pool etiquette.  First, you don’t jump in a lane if a bunch of kids are in it having a swim class.  Second, you don’t proceed to swim across the other lanes to get to the other side.  Can’t you just get out and walk?  Everybody else does!

I don’t mean to come across as a swimming snob.  It’s just common courtesy.  You don’t walk perpendicular right in front of other people walking do you?

One day I slammed head into head info a guy who was doing the backstroke who explained to me the that he was “trying to follow that line up there.”. Well I can tell you that he wasn’t following it very well.  After gaining consciousness, I wanted to kill him!  Here’s a thought, watch the side of the lane too!

Here’s an article on swimming etiquette.

Well if I told the rest, I wouldn’t have anything else to say!  Be careful out there, its getting hot this weekend!

Give me a break. Not that many!

Tonight I ran the 12 miles I was supposed to do with my training plan.  It was 90 and really windy from the remains of the tropical depression.

I felt good but hit plent of lights!  Most changed as soon as I hit the button.  Some took forever.

I did pretty well for conditions but have done much better in the past.  I guess you’ll have this…

Rain, Rain Go Away!


So here’s how I got my workout done!

Thankfully I have a trainer that my parents helped get me for Christmas.  I’m in Tallahassee this week and they’ve gotten 20+ inches of rain this week.

It has slowed down and I actually for to see blue skies part of the day.

I also had to do a 4 mile run in Z2 or also known as zone 2.  What, you say?  Zone 2 of my heart rate zones.  I could try ans explain but you can read for yourself at active.com.

So what’s the problem?  Well one, its raining like mad. Two, I forgot my freaking heart rate monitor (HRM)!!!

It was sooo frustrating not knowing what zone I was in!

I went over to the local gold’s Gym thinking their equipment would be ant+ compatible.  Then I could just get the data uploaded to my Garmin.  Wrong.  They didn’t have ant+ equipment.

I guess I’ll go check out the local YMCA.  After all, I gotta get a swim workout in!

Tomorrow I have to do a 12 mi run but I forgot my fuelbelt.  I guess I’m gonna have to loop back to the hotel to fuel up through the workout.  Stay tuned.  I don’t do well doing that.  My body always says to me, “hey moron, you’re done, stop!”….

Milestone 56

Well, its not actually milestone 56, but a milestone nonetheless.  I did the swim and the bike portion, hence the 56 (miles).

Hard to believe it was 18 months ago that I bought a bike and give this whole triathlon thing a try!

What made me decide I had a chance to do this?  My friend, Kristin.  Check out Kristin’s website and her Facebook page and maybe you’ll be inspired too!