Group Workouts

Earlier I mentioned to join a club.  Today I decided to incorporate a club meet-up into my training plan but found out it can be a double edged sword.

First was the swim workout.  My training plan called for a workout that was 2500+ yds and 60+ minutes.  Instead, my workout ended up being 16 minutes and 775 yds.  Why?  We met at the lake for an open water swim.  Unfortunately it was extremely windy.  Wind plus water equals chop!  It was ridiculously choppy so to be on the safe side, we all cut the swim in half.  It was extremely difficult and felt like we still did the full mile swim!

Then we did the bike ride.   This was bitter sweet for me.  I did one of the fastest two hour rides I’ve ever done.   However, my workout wasn’t supposed to be two hours!  It was supposed to be 3.5 hours!   Because of the stops go regather, time we spent getting ready, etc., I ran out of time to finish my workout.

So while group workouts are great for the cameraderie and pushing yourself, it can be a detriment to your workout.

Finish line: If don’t have a set schedule and training plan, go have fun in a group workout.  If you want to stick to your plan, you might want to go on your own or pick a smaller group.


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