So you’ve been frustrated with setbacks right?  Well look above.  I have them too.

I was cruising along getting, set to hit my weight I was this time last year.  Then, pow! It happens!  A setback.

How did it happen?  A perfect storm of missed opportunities.  You see, there’s a saying, “train to eat, it to train.”  Well I thought I was eatin properly for long workouts this weekend.  However, one workout was half as long as I thought it would be and tthe other didn’t happen at all!

Saturday night I had a bunch of carbs to prepare me for a two hour run on Sunday before church.  Good right?  The problem is I didn’t get my butt out of bed to do it!  This compounded by need to do the yard work and spend time with my family that’s in town meant that I didn’t get my run in!  So I didn’t burn the extra 1300 or so calories I expected to!  UGH!!!

You can also see the peaks and valleys in the graph as well.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure what causes my peaks.  One word: weekends.  Yous think that since my weekends were my hardest workouts or races that my weight would drop dramatically.  Hey I’m human just like you!   I like to relax and enjoy the weekend too.  Maybe just a little too much enjoyment!

There tends to be an interesting phenomenon with endurance athletes.  They tend to celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family which sometimes leads to overeating.  For instance, my watch estimated I burned over 1700 calories.  Therefore, I automatically thought I could quit watching what I ate that day.

What can I say, I’m human and we make mistakes.  The biggest mistake was not getting out of bed to do my two hour run and burning the carbs off.  Now I’m forced to do it today which is supposed to be my day off. :/

Finish line:  Setbacks will happen.  When training, you have to stick to your plan or else you’ll surely have more of them than you want to.


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