Lost the Mojo

Well my parents left this morning and between them visiting and the weather, my workouts have vanished this week.

I haven’t worked out since Saturday.  It really sucks.  To be honest with you, those two things are simply excuses.  I should be able to get up early and knock out a workout.  Instead, I wasted time staying up to watch TV!   Ugh.

In the meantime, my run has probably gone to crap not to mention I’ve gained about 5 pounds because I’ve been eating as though I was gonna work out every evening to just fail to do it.

Just do it? Whatever Bo!  Sometimes you just excuse it!  It’s not acceptable at all.  Maybe its just my body telling me to take it easy?  After all, I’ve gained back the weight I lost in just one week, last week.

I don’t know.  Just know if you have a setback, you’re not alone.  This sucks.  Really, really sucks.  Tomorrow I’m gonna have to double up.  Ugh…

If you still have time, its national running day so get off your butt and run!  (Hypocritical)

And since its national running day, there’s tons of discounts and codes on the internet.  If you’ve been debating entering one, go online and check to see if you can find one for that event!


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