Group session again!

So last weekend wasn’t the best training session I had.  However, today’s session was a blast.

Water was calm like glass.  Ended up swimming a mile at pace that I normally do in the pool.

For the bike ride, I went with the group who was doing a longer ride.  We did 48 miles at a pace I haven’t been able to so for a long time.

I was a little negative on group training last week.  This week I think I’ve changed my mind.

I can really see how this is going to be beneficial!  It sucks kicking your ass trying to keep up with everyone, but hey, if I don’t wanna keep getting passed in the races, I gotta improve!

I truly never thought my butt would be getting out of bed at 6 am to go swim a mile and bike 48-50 miles!  I mean, I gotta be crazy, right?

And on a glorious note, I also burned 3200+ calories. Can you say, eat well?!

Oh and one more thing.   Chick-fil-a now has grilled chicken nuggets.  They’re very tasty.  I can say they taste the same but they don’t have the crunch of the fried ones.  If you’re counting calories, check this out: 8 nuggets, side salad with dressing and sunflower seeds, and a large fruit salad, 410 calories!!!   Sweet!!!


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