3250… Milestone…

Tonight I swam 3,250 yds in the pool.  First swim over 3k.  2,825 officially on the old Garmin.  However, it doesn’t read when you do kick exercises or one armed workouts.

Pretty cool when I look back from where I’ve come from.  I remember getting in the pool 18 months ago and not being able to go 50 yds without thinking I was gonna die!

It really makes me wonder about 2 “what if’s.” The first one is back I high school.  For some reason I decided to try out for the dive team.  Why?  I have no idea.  Part of the practice we were made to swim.  I did enjoy.  Up until the time for us to get uniforms.  I wanted nothing to do with the speedos that we were gonna be issued so I quit.  It makes me wonder how good I could be now had I just sucked it up and wore the damn thing.  Nowadays I could care less what people think when I wear my tri suits, they’re practical to me!

The second thing is what I decided 10 years ago living in FL.  You see, I lived in Clermont, FL.  It’s a lesser known Mecca of triathlons.  I lived just a quarter mile from the National Training Center (NTC) where many, many triathletes workout at.

Well my wife and I were actually members of the NTC.  One day I saw a sign for a Triathlon training program and actually signed up for it.

The same day, I went for a swim.  As I 1/2 a lap done, I asked the life guard hoe many laps I had to do to finish a triathlon.  He told me and I literally said, “F that!” I got out of the pool went over and scratched me name off the list.  You see, I smoked back then.  It took everything I had to swim 12.5 yds without passing out!

It really makes me wonder.  I guess the third time really is the.charm for me!   Well, I don’t have any regrets now!  3250 is mine to keep!  Nobody can ever take it away from me!


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