Running Naked!

0That’s right. I said running naked!

It’s a term used for running without a GPS device such as a Garmin or cellphone.  It drives me nuts when I run naked!

Today I almost ran naked.  Well, I kinda sorta did, for a while at least.

You see, I bought a new heart rate monitor and it didn’t sync with my Garmin.  I turned the Garmin on and forgot the heart rate monitor (HRM) hadn’t been synced.  So I tried syncing it during the run.

So the HRM got synced and low and behold, unknown to me, the workout stopped.  I ran 1.5 miles NAKED out if my 60 minute run!

No big deal, right?  To me, running naked is the worst thing ever!  I take great pride in the workouts I do and want them to be verifiable!   It drives me bonkers doing workouts that I can’t prove I did.  I can hear people say, “yeah, right.  Sure you ran 6+ miles today.  It was hot.  I know you didn’t…”

So even though I ran at least 6.2 miles according to the mile markers, I only recorded 4.5 miles.

Oh well.  You can say what you want but I know I ran 6.2 miles…


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