Rain, Rain Go Away!


So here’s how I got my workout done!

Thankfully I have a trainer that my parents helped get me for Christmas.  I’m in Tallahassee this week and they’ve gotten 20+ inches of rain this week.

It has slowed down and I actually for to see blue skies part of the day.

I also had to do a 4 mile run in Z2 or also known as zone 2.  What, you say?  Zone 2 of my heart rate zones.  I could try ans explain but you can read for yourself at active.com.

So what’s the problem?  Well one, its raining like mad. Two, I forgot my freaking heart rate monitor (HRM)!!!

It was sooo frustrating not knowing what zone I was in!

I went over to the local gold’s Gym thinking their equipment would be ant+ compatible.  Then I could just get the data uploaded to my Garmin.  Wrong.  They didn’t have ant+ equipment.

I guess I’ll go check out the local YMCA.  After all, I gotta get a swim workout in!

Tomorrow I have to do a 12 mi run but I forgot my fuelbelt.  I guess I’m gonna have to loop back to the hotel to fuel up through the workout.  Stay tuned.  I don’t do well doing that.  My body always says to me, “hey moron, you’re done, stop!”….


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