Another milestone: 3200 yds

Tonight was another milestone: 3200 continuous yards.  Thanks coach!  I love a good challenge!

I was SO tempted to do an extra 325 yards to say I did 2 miles.  However, I wanna stick with the plan.

A few years ago I tried getting back in shape and made the mistake of not sticking to the training plan.   I ended up developing bursitis and got sidelined for months.  I learned the hard way to stick to your training plan!

Get off your butt and go do something!


Paying It Forward


So after my big milestone yesterday, we jumped in the car and drove 3.5 hours back to the triathlon that was supposes to occur last weekend. The race director comped my daughter’s entry. They even made sure they had her t-shirt size set aside so she got one. I have to say that they really stepped up when it came to making up for us losing so much time and money last weekend. She took 2nd place in her division. Her swim went really well. She said she was going to swim underwater for all of it (in her comfort zone) but seeing all the others, she ended up doing freestroke. Her transition went well and then her bike incident. She took off like a rocket and started going down a hill. She must’ve panicked sue to the speed ans let gravity take her off the course and down the hill. She crashed! After a few tears and me dragging the bike back up a 25 foot hill, she got back on. She had a flawless transition and was off running. She had a great run and moat of all, had fun! That’s it for now. Peace..

Rocky Mountain High

Ran 7 miles here in Denver last night.  All I can say is, CAN I CAN THAT RUNNER’S HIGH SOMEHOW?!!!  WOW!!!!

I guess one of the great things about the lack of oxygen here is the runner’s high.  Woohoo.

It felt pretty stressful at first getting used to the altitude, but once I found a comfortable pace, it felt like I could go forever.

Bike 10 min warm-up, 4x 5 min with 3 min soft pedal, cool down
Run 4 miles

Travelling again

Flying out to Denver today.  I managed to get a bike and run workout in before.

Nothing to report on really.

I guess the only thing I have to say is it sureal doing a 70 min bike workout and a 4.5 mile run and think that its short.  Last year when I was doing sprint distance triathlons, this would practically be two thirds if the race…

Bike 10 min warm-up 3x 10 min in Z2, 5 min soft pedal, cool down to 70 min
Run 4.5 in Z2

9 miles and going strong

I got a new product yesterday that I have been looking at trying, Generation Ucan.

Tried it out before my 9 mile run.  Tastes pretty good but the texture of the drunk could be better, although it wasn’t bad.

I could go into detail but all I’m gonna say is that I’m sold!  I ran 9 miles and felt like I could easily do 9 more!  It wasn’t like Saturday when I got to 8 and felt like I had done 14!

For more info on what it does check out Generation Ucan’s website.

Good night.  Gotta get to bed.  56 miles bike ride and 3 mi run afterwards.

9 mile run