Option Smoption!

Yesterday I took the ride of shame 40 miles into my 56 mile ride.  Today I had an optional 30 minute swim workout.  So to prove a point to myself, I did the optional workout on top of my planned 4 mile workout.

I love this stuff.  It killed me to cut it short.  I can only only recall two other times I called it quits doing a workout.  First time, I planned a two loop workout from my house.  I thought I’d do 10 miles, get more fluids and go.back out for another 10 miles.  Somehow my.body decided I was home and didn’t want to go any further.

The second time, I had just begun rising my bike.  For the first time, I took my cellphone with me.  Eight miles into a 14 mile run, I got serious knee pain and could hardly walk.  I had to call the wife and have her pick me up.  Later I found out that my knee pain was from using too low of a cadence.


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