Maybe its a sign…

I think my wife is right.  She said, “maybe its a sign.”. What is she talking about?  Let me explain.

All week long, I faithfully ate ALMOST perfectly with the exception of Friday night (which didn’t give me much choices, but I should’ve planned).  I did 4 mi run on Fri, 1.2 mi swim, 40 mi bike ride on sat, 30 min swim, and a 4 mi run on Sunday.  Pretty good right?

Well Monday morning I anxiously jumped on a scale to see the amazing weight loss.  And….


I guess at this point, I just need to quit jumping on the scale and look at my.accomplishments and physique.  I can happily say that my “love handles” are nearly gone, my shoulders and lats are much more defined, and my calves are massive compared to my high school soccer days.  I truly believe that I am in the best overall shape of my life even at 37.

I think its time for me to listen to my wife and stop weighing myself everyday…

Oh by the way, I’ve found that I can move the scale, ie, pick it up, set it down, and lose or gain two pounds.  What’s up with that?!


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