Augusta 70.3 swim and run

This morning I met up with three others to swim the Augusta 70.3 swim course.  I also did a run on the run course portion.

I shaved 2 minutes of the swim time.

As for the run portion, my plan didn’t quite work out.  I planned on doing 10 miles.  I used my Garmin 910xt to guide me. First, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to shoe my metrics like pace, distance, etc.   Second, I apparently did 9.27 miles instead 10.  This was because I apparently hit the lap button .27 miles into my run.  Therefore, it told me I did 10 laps/miles, but I really didn’t.

Now that I know the course, I won’t have to use the map feature so no worries!

Have a great weekend!!!


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