Failure is not an option!

Last night I set the alarm for 4:00 am to get in my workout of 56 miles followed by a 20 minute run before church.  Awesome doable plan.

4:00 am comes and I hit the the snooze three times.  The third time, a little voice in the back if my head, way way back, barely noticeable said, “look, if you don’t get your butt out of bed, it’ll be 100 degrees after church and then you’ll make an excuse not to do it at all.”. Sooooo…. I got out of bed.

I had a heck of a time getting ready.  I scrambled around the house trying to find stuff from my chamois cream to the pump.  Oh yes that damn air pump!  Took me 20 minutes to realize it was in the car and not even in the house!  I wanted to go back to sleep and UAE that as an excuse, but I didn’t.

I finally got on the bike 50 minutes after waking up.  I get a quarter mile down the road and CRAP, I forgot the heart rate monitor!  Had to turn around and get it.  Coulda hit the bed, but decided not to.

I finally get down the road 1.5 miles and my headlight starts going crazy.  Apparently it lost its charge even though it was charged before being stored.  I literally kept hitting the button turning it back on each time it turned off TIL THE SUN CAME UP!

Well, when it was all said and done, I got a pretty good workout in.  I completed the 56 miles and did my 20 minute FYL (find your legs) run.  I have found a trick for me to find my legs after cycling: I run about half a mile, walk a little, and then run again.  Once I do this, its like I was never on the bike.

I managed to do all this being 50 minutes late and ended up only being 10 minutes late.

It’s gonna be a great date.

56 mi bike ride
20 min run


One thought on “Failure is not an option!

  1. I may have to try that FYL routine.

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