Lose some weight…

Here’s a good article on the benefits of working out and losing some weight:

Can weight training prevent diabetes?

I got nothing else.


“How’d you lose your weight?!”

I get asked all the time how I lost all my weight. Well, if you’re curious, here it is in a nutshell. It’s not a magic pill or a secret. It’s really quite simple and doesn’t take a huge effort if you’re willing to make small changes. Check out this article Introduction to Metabolic Efficiency and you can get an idea how I did it.

Water Water Everywhere

When I did the Disney World Marathon I was feeling great. So great that I decided to skip water stations. I’ve done it before in 10ks and half marathons, right? What a mistake. I started cramping around mile 18 with just twitches and by the time I got to 21 my calves cramped up so bad that it locked my legs up and it made me go to the ground because I couldn’t move them at all! Here’s a very simple article by Carmichael Training Systems on hydration.