Out of the way! Or at least the lane!

Today I went swimming at the Tallahassee YMCA.  It was great swimming laps outside.  Thankfully I had my mirrored goggles in my bag.

Here’s the problem I ran into: people with no pool etiquette.  First, you don’t jump in a lane if a bunch of kids are in it having a swim class.  Second, you don’t proceed to swim across the other lanes to get to the other side.  Can’t you just get out and walk?  Everybody else does!

I don’t mean to come across as a swimming snob.  It’s just common courtesy.  You don’t walk perpendicular right in front of other people walking do you?

One day I slammed head into head info a guy who was doing the backstroke who explained to me the that he was “trying to follow that line up there.”. Well I can tell you that he wasn’t following it very well.  After gaining consciousness, I wanted to kill him!  Here’s a thought, watch the side of the lane too!

Here’s an article on swimming etiquette.

Well if I told the rest, I wouldn’t have anything else to say!  Be careful out there, its getting hot this weekend!