Here’s some links you might find useful:

Dream Team Triathlon Club
If you got kids, they’re interested in triathlons, and live in GA, check us out!

Check out my great friend for some more inspiration…

If you’re in GA and looking for an endurance sports coach, check them out! You’ll get the best!!!

USA Triathlon: you might want tri join if you plan on doing more than 3 sanctioned races in a season.  The daily fee for a race is $12 so you gotta do the math to see what’s cheaper.

Cool Running’s Couch to 5k: This is training plan I used to get it all started.  A few weeks in, you’ll feel like you can do more than planned.  Don’t do it!  You may hurt yourself and have a set back!

Jeff Galloway: Jeff Galloway’s plan is what I used to finish my half marathons and marathons.  People might give me a hard time using a run-walk method, but they’re the ones who’ve never done a half or Marathon.  I can actually run-walk faster than if I try and run more than 9 miles.


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