Long Time, No See


Ok, so its been a while since I posted anything.  I mean, a long time…

Anywho…  Here’s a low down to catch ya up:
December, we had a baby.
After the Augusta 70.3 decided to train for a full ironman.
Decided on Rev3 Cedar Point for my full.
Helped start up a kids tri club in Augusta. check out Dream Team Triathlon. It’s going great.
Lots of training completed.
Lots of races to be done this spring and summer.
Up to 4000 yd for lon swim, 80 mi on the bike, and 16-19 on the run. Good times!

All this and more. Sorry for slacking. Kinda busy lately. More to come…

And if you want great coaching, check out TriCoachGeorgia!


Let’s Go Clubbing!!!

No, I don’t mean night clubbing or gym clubs, but local clubs!  Here in Augusta, I first joined Augusta Striders which is a running club.  Unfortunately, I never participated with the group because most of the meet-ups/group runs were about 25 minutes away.  I couldn’t justify driving more time than I was gonna spend actually working out.

The biggest benefit though was finding out about local events.  I did TONS of 5k’s and 10k’s when I got back in shape.

Then when I decided to get into triathlons, I found a triathlon club here, TriAugusta.  The club has been great for me.  There are tons of meet-ups for open water swims.  It’s important because its not very safe to try to open water swim in a river or lake by yourself. The other great thing about the club is the amazing discounts we get.  We get 15% off an online running store, 50%+ off wetsuits, and discounts on certain races.  The cost of the club can be covered just by buying two pairs of running shoes!

Many cities have Jeff Galloway Training Groups which use his run/walk method.  They meet up regularly and even do his time trials to determine your estimated finish times using his “magic mile.”  I ran in Albany, GA with a bunch of people doing the Jeff Galloway program.  They were SO nice and treated me like one of their own.  It was so great considering I was out of town and on my own.

And with all clubs, the best benefit is the socializing!  You’ll be amazed what you’ll learn from others.  Not to mention the new friends, jobs, etc you can get out it!

Finish Line: find a club to join.  You’ll benefit greatly with the knowledge and discounts you can get!