Great to Give Back

I know, I know, I’m getting horrible at updating the blog, but…

Today I didn’t race, but it was a great day for races.

You see, my kids got to race their first race of the season and joining their youth triathlon club.  This was my seven year old’s third triathlon and my four year old’s first triathlon.


My seven year old got cold feet last night and was adamant that she did not want to race.  She said she didn’t want to race because of a crash last year at the same course.  The year prior, she had smacked her hand on the wall during the swim and wanted to quit.  I had to run the entire course with her.

The second year, she was going down the bike course that had its own natural pitch to the left.  Unfortunately, as she claimed, “I wanted the bike to go straight.  It just wouldn’t listen to me!” She went down to the left and followed the bank down and crashed in the ditch just before pavement.  Again, I had to run with her the rest of the way.

She still wanted to back out this morning.  Mommy promised her that she would stand will she crashed last year so it woupdnt happen again.  I asked her to simply start the race.  If at any time she didn’t want to do it anymore, she didn’t have to.

Well, she did start.  She also came in 3rd in her age group.  It was amazing to see her overcome her fears.  It’s awesome to see the pride in her face overcoming the challenge as well as placing third.


My son was the youngest competitor of the day at four year olds.  He was both impressive for his age and funny.  If he didn’t spend so much time seeing the scenes and watching the race of others, I promise you he had won his age group.  That little powerhouse doesn’t stop!  I was baffled that he was able to run as fast as he did after the swim and bike.

Seeing him in his tri kit was awesome.  He had his own papparazi at the finish line.  Total strangers were taking pictures of him all decked out in his gear from visor to kinvaras to his bib belt.


It was so cool to give back.  If you’re into running, cycling, swimming, or triathlons, get involved with the youth.  Today was such a blast.  I even volunteered giving out medals since I was one of the few adults that didn’t race.

What a day.  Ok, now I gotta get back to training.  My coach is gonna kick my butt…

PS, a special shout out to a friend, Julie, for finishing her first half marathon today!  Woohoo!!!!


Long Time, No See


Ok, so its been a while since I posted anything.  I mean, a long time…

Anywho…  Here’s a low down to catch ya up:
December, we had a baby.
After the Augusta 70.3 decided to train for a full ironman.
Decided on Rev3 Cedar Point for my full.
Helped start up a kids tri club in Augusta. check out Dream Team Triathlon. It’s going great.
Lots of training completed.
Lots of races to be done this spring and summer.
Up to 4000 yd for lon swim, 80 mi on the bike, and 16-19 on the run. Good times!

All this and more. Sorry for slacking. Kinda busy lately. More to come…

And if you want great coaching, check out TriCoachGeorgia!

Paying It Forward


So after my big milestone yesterday, we jumped in the car and drove 3.5 hours back to the triathlon that was supposes to occur last weekend. The race director comped my daughter’s entry. They even made sure they had her t-shirt size set aside so she got one. I have to say that they really stepped up when it came to making up for us losing so much time and money last weekend. She took 2nd place in her division. Her swim went really well. She said she was going to swim underwater for all of it (in her comfort zone) but seeing all the others, she ended up doing freestroke. Her transition went well and then her bike incident. She took off like a rocket and started going down a hill. She must’ve panicked sue to the speed ans let gravity take her off the course and down the hill. She crashed! After a few tears and me dragging the bike back up a 25 foot hill, she got back on. She had a flawless transition and was off running. She had a great run and moat of all, had fun! That’s it for now. Peace..