“How’d you lose your weight?!”

I get asked all the time how I lost all my weight. Well, if you’re curious, here it is in a nutshell. It’s not a magic pill or a secret. It’s really quite simple and doesn’t take a huge effort if you’re willing to make small changes. Check out this article Introduction to Metabolic Efficiency and you can get an idea how I did it.


You CAN Eat Out with Reasonable Calories


Check it out.  We’re eating out at Red Robin getting my free birthday burger.  A typical burger here is 1000+ calories.  So cut the meal in half right? Wrong (for me at least).

Here’s what I’m getting:
Guacamole Bacon burger
-substitute Boca instead of beef (doesn’t do much for calories)
-substitute the lettuce wrap instead of the bun

-substitute side salad instead of fries

-ADDED freckled fruit salad

The result?  758 calories.   At least 240 calories less than most.  And I got to eat even more food then the regular meal!

Oink oink!