14 mile run was a bust

I set out to do a 14 mile run with 15 second bursts every 5 minutes.  I started out great and then began tapering off bit by bit arouns 9 miles.  It came to the point that I was walking the hills that I was running in my 10 mile run two days ago.  It really sucked.

It got to the point that my 15 sec intervals were occurring on the hills and it was completely ruining my workout.  I decided at 12.6 miles to stop ans get more water because it was taking longer than I expected.

However, when I stopped, I decided the rest was all junk and I should try again Sunday….



I failed to get my long run in this week.  I was supposed to do a 13.1 mile run.  I wasn’t about to run 2+ hrs on a treadmill.

I’m truly sick of this rain.  Why can’t it rain while I’m at work?…

Cycling 90 min in zone 2, 30 sec in big ring every 10 minutes.

Ride of shame

I had to take the ride of shame 40 miles into the 56 mile bike ride today.

Let me rephrase, after thinking about it, I chose to take the rid of shame.  I started getting “foggy” and caught myself drifting into the other lane.

Looking back at it, I really think I could’ve finished.  The problem was it was 100+, 12:15, and with 16 miles to go, I would’ve been out another hour at least.  You can to ask yourself, do you finish ans risk an injury setback or do you play itself and look at the long term goal?  My answer was play it safe and live to do it again.  I’m not a PR or ER (personal record or emergency room) type of person.

Looking back, this all started yesterday. First, I had a poor breakfast to eat.  Second. I skipped lunch because the breakfast was so big.  Finally, I ruined it by drinking a big old 32 oz soda, ribeye sandwich, and fries for dinner.  I should have concentrated on eating properly for such a big day of training.  Afterall, I was going to practically do the entire half ironman.  Instead, a lost focus and blew it…

And to help you not make the same mistake I made, here’s another article on training in the heat.

You’re Dangerous Maverick!

So I set my alarm today for 7:00 am to get a long ride in before the family woke up.  Instead, it woke up the whole family!

You see, we went out of town and are staying in a one room cabin.

So although I didn’t get a workout in, we walked and walked and walked…  We took in battery park, the USS Yorktown, and Fort Sumter.  It was a blast.  My legs feel as though I rode 50 miles!



Back in the Saddle again!

Well, I did it.  Last night I got back in track!  I did a swim workout and bike ride.  In addition, I did a run tonight.

I didn’t do exactly what my training plan called for, but I did it.  You see, last night I was supposed to do a 30 min swum workout and a 30 minute run.  However, I wanted to make up the 60 minute ride that I missed.  The kicker was that my ling bike ride is Saturday so I didn’t want to do back to back rides.

So… I switched the bike and run.

On an even more positive note, I had lunch with my old boss and he said, “you’re losing weight again?  I can see it in your face.” It’s nice to know the hard workouts are paying off…

Lost the Mojo

Well my parents left this morning and between them visiting and the weather, my workouts have vanished this week.

I haven’t worked out since Saturday.  It really sucks.  To be honest with you, those two things are simply excuses.  I should be able to get up early and knock out a workout.  Instead, I wasted time staying up to watch TV!   Ugh.

In the meantime, my run has probably gone to crap not to mention I’ve gained about 5 pounds because I’ve been eating as though I was gonna work out every evening to just fail to do it.

Just do it? Whatever Bo!  Sometimes you just excuse it!  It’s not acceptable at all.  Maybe its just my body telling me to take it easy?  After all, I’ve gained back the weight I lost in just one week, last week.

I don’t know.  Just know if you have a setback, you’re not alone.  This sucks.  Really, really sucks.  Tomorrow I’m gonna have to double up.  Ugh…

If you still have time, its national running day so get off your butt and run!  (Hypocritical)

And since its national running day, there’s tons of discounts and codes on the internet.  If you’ve been debating entering one, go online and check to see if you can find one for that event!